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Before you go

There are a few obvious things to take care of before you head off to the UK, like buying an airplane ticket and especially sorting out your accommodation ... hopefully with us. There are a few other factors to consider that will take care of any hitches that you may experience on your travels to London but book your accommodation now for peace of mind.

Travel Insurance

Don't take a chance with your health. Foreign doctors bills can be massive when converted into home currency. Also, it is much easier to communicate with medical staff in a non-English speaking country in the foreign backwaters when you flash your medical insurance card.

International drivers licence

You may want to demonstrate your driving skills on the narrow lanes of the English countryside. You will not be able to hire a car without your international driver's licence. A short visit to your local driver's license branch with passport photos, your current licence and an administration fee will get you sorted out. Money well spent!

Photocopy vital documents

Losing your passport in the UK is not a pleasant experience, especially the loss will typically dawn on you 2 weeks before you are due to jet off to the holiday destination of your dreams. There is, however, a worse experience which is losing your passport and not having a photocopy of it. Make a copy of all important pages, including your visa. This will not only speed up the application process, but you may need the photocopy of your UK visa to get back into the UK, if you don't have time to apply for a new one. In fact, photocopying all important documents (ID book, international driver's licence etc.) is highly recommended.

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