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Finding a Job

Finding a job in London can be tricky when you first land in London:

It's much easier if you know the right ways in which to find employment before you arrive. Try to gather all the information you need about job hunting in London. Research is imperative in a job hunt as well as the assessment of your job goals, skills and location.

Visit recruitment offices in London. Recruiting offices will be able to access your skills and allow you to test your office skills. They will then match you with jobs in the field that best suits your experience.

Talk to contacts or any new friends that you may have in London. If you do not have any contacts or friends yet, then you can ask questions in online forums or online London chat rooms that focus around employment. www.gumtree.com has lots of great jobs advertised - so that would also be a good place to look

Research London newspapers and look through the classifieds of each paper. The London Times, Daily Telegraph, and The Guardian newspaper all offer a selection of employment offers and a variety of job offers.

Look at London online websites or London Career Builder and perform searches within your area of expertise. Post your resume online as well so you will create awareness about your job skills and attract employers.




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